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Want to send your own warning review with us?

All honest and ethical reviews will be wellcome here. As you can see, the posts on this blog are very detailed and honest, cuz I want to prevent all buyers about rubbish MMO courses. However, we all know that not all MMO courses are so bad, or they have some good things at least. But they are as well, some that are scam.

To make matters worse, when we search for real and honest reviews... It's hard to find them. Why? Cuz most affiliates publish a positive review just to persuade people to buy the product and make money with their aff links. There is nothing bad about promoting products through reviews, but we all hate dishonest reviews.

By the other hand, there are negative (and dishonest) reviews out there. But... why would anyone do that? Well, doing a review before product's launching it's a a very good way to get organic traffic from Google.

So, there are people out there who are making dishonest and negative reviews just for getting traffic and redirect it to their own offers. I personally have seen many fake negative reviews about many products... the exact words and the exact same content but applied to different products.

Do you want to help me break this vicious circle? This is the deal:

Did you find an horrible (Red light) MMO info product and want to share your experience to prevent some one else fall for that crap? Your well explained review will be much appreciated. I will include your name (if you want) and your website.

I could decide to include some alternative offer link from you on your post, but note that it's to be expected that it's a very good one. Do you remember what we are trying to prevent right? So if your alternative is clearly bad or unreliable your post will not be published or deleted.

Did you find a make money course that gives some good stuff but want to prevent other people about some bad things about it (Yellow light)? We will be grateful if you send a detailed review. I will include your website (do follow link) and your affiliate links (no follow) of this product. I can include an alternative offer link from you as well, applying what mentioned before.

It won't happen often but... Did you find a very good product, that you consider we all can buy with confidence (Green light)? Of course we all want to know it. So send your detailed and honest review and I will include your aff links (no follow) and a link to your own website/blog (do follow).

If your review has already published on other site, please make sure to send me unique content.

Please, note that I won't publish too many different reviews about the same product. But, if you want to add some valuable info please add your comment in the post... or even better, send me your own case study about the product and I will make a separated post and include your aff links/blog/website as well. In such case, I will publish two reciprocal links on each post (on the review post, and on the case study post).

I will be happy to publish more than one case study on different post about the same product, but if you send your review with your own case study (or you send me later) it will be published with the post.

Keep in mind that the most important it's to know if the product works or worth the money at least. But, if you can include next info, the better:

Product Name:
Launch Date: (If you know)
Bonuses: (If you know)
Does it work: Red light/Yellow ligth/Green light
Worth the price?: (Is not the same than if it works)
Sales Page: (Your Aff link here or put "Don't buy this rubbish" if red light)
Money Back Guarantee: (Yes/No # of days)
What they promise:

A good structure could be:

An overview
The bad
The good
Your conclusion

Help to make a BIG difference. If you are interested on send me your reviews, study cases, feedback, etc... Please contact me through this form.