Make $4.97 Over & Over & Over - Exposed Inside And Outside.

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Product name: Make $4.97 Over And Over Again
Price: $7.5 USD
Autor: Stephen Gilbert & Tom E.
Does it work? Green Light (If you are a native or  a very good english speaker, specially)
Official Site: Click here

This is my first review, and wanted to start with a very good product, and you will see why. On this review you will see only what matters:

- What is Make $4.97 over and over again and its methods (Most ethical info I can give u)
- How long it can take to earn some money
- Does it work?
- Does it need any investment?

What is Make $4.97 Over and Over Again?

This is a video training wich consists of 5 modules explaining 5 ways to make money with as soon as possible. Is not that easy like making your first bucks at the same day BUT you will be able to charge your first comisions in a matter of some days. Let's take a look inside of the course:

Method 1: Selling simple services. 

The first method consists on offering services on sites like Ebay or Amazon. Similar to Fiverr but with some advantages cuz' there are no limitation on the price you want to put for your services. You won't need to have special skills or something, hi explains you how to do the jobs, deliver the orders and where to get buyers.

And don't worry, this is a newbie friendly method. You are covered cuz Tom will show you every thing you need so you will be able to offer this services easily.

Although you will be able to do this jobs in a simple way, you will be able to charge good bucks for those services.

Method 2: Digital Jobs

This is the method I liked the most. Regrettably as you can see I'm not a good english speaker and certainly I'm not living on countries such as USA or Canada, wich are the most likely countries where  people will get hired for this method. Something that caught my attention is that on the site that Tom Recommends pays up to $100 or more for transcribing 1 hour audio.

Method 3: The Sneakiest Ninja

This is a very good method to promote affiliate links. I can't tell you the details but it's a more efficient method than just blogging about one topic and promote the products. It's more like promoting products on the shortiest and efficient way.

Method 4: The Challenge

This another way to make some bucks. On this video Tom provides you some tools and sites wich will help you to find simple jobs like writting articles and how much charge for them. This is one of the simpliest ways on the course to start making money online.

Method 5: The Alert

As its names indicate, this is about Google Alerts and explan you how you can use this tool to generate toons of quality and targeted visitors to almost any niche. Very good if you want to promote your squeeze page, affiliate offers, Youtube videos, etc...

¿Is it worth the money?

Well, as you can see $7.5 it's a very very little investment and in return you will have 5 very very usefull methods to make money with. Of course, it will take some time and efford from your part. You won't need to invest more money cuz the 5 methods don't need it, unless you want to accelerate one of the. Unlike other courses this is one of the few that delivers what promised (However, I gave it 4/5 starz on warrior plus)

Of course, like many of you I bought many other rubbish courses and will post an honest review about they as well, but decided to post this first cuz this is the one of the few good ones.

¿Do you want to give a try to this product? You can do it by clicking here and we all will be happy to hear your experience.

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See you on the next review.