3 Step Results Review - One of the worst buy I ever made, Complete Review

3 Step Results Review: Not about free traffic, not fast nor 3 steps.

Product Name: 3 Step Results
Author(s): Tyler Pratt, Dan Ashendorf, David Kirby
Launch Date: 12-09-2016
Bonuses: 37 Free Traffic Sources, 92K Case Study 2016, Join FB Mastermind Group, Unlimited $125-$150-$500 Daily, List Building System
Does it work?: NO
Price: $6 - $10
Worth the price: NO
Sales Page: Don't even bother to see it.
Money Back Guarantee: Yes 
What they promise

"This is a proven and easy to use method I have perfected over the years"
"You Get Everything You Need To Make Money Within 24 Hours Or Less…"
"The 3 simple steps for making money by tomorrow"
"100% Free traffic"

First I have to say about this course is: What the heck? Are they seriously...?

When I entered into the course and saw that it's about free traffic by making FB groups I though "Mmm it sounds very good". I was watching all the videos and expecting for a very good trick to get members on little time (if not hours, some days at least), but when I heard:

"We will using FB Ads..."

No way... I though... Probably it's about advice to target certain people or he will give an alternative way grow group popularity.. But not... 

Just another rubbish course where they just 'teach' you how to build a FB groups and how to target people on FB Ads. Even worst, they suggest you to spend $5 a day on FB Ads to get people on your group. What da....??? How it is supposed you will get popularity by investing $5 a day on PPC?

What you can expect from 3 Step Results?

This course is so useless that I'm not afraid to tell you what is inside. Don't misunderstand me, I really didn't expecting something like make money on first day at all... but, when an info product claims it can teach you how to achieve it, it should give you some good value thing at least (like it happens with this product). But, with this product they basically teach you:

  1. Search for a problem
  2. Create a FB Group
  3. Set a FB Ads Campaign (How cheeky, specially when they claim you can do it "Without having any money in your pocket to do this.")
  4. Promote your offers

What about the bonuses?

Yes, like other MMO products, it includes some bonuses inside. 

37 Free Traffic Sources

It looks like a bad PLR product, and what gives you is what it names indicate: 37 free traffic sources. Yep, no strategies, no suggestions... nothing... Just an intro on every group of sources. Free clasifieds, blogging, bookmarks, video sites... etc... All those stuff we can easily find on Google. 

92K Case Study 2016

Essentially, how David Kirby achive $92k by promoting his own products by recluting affiliates (What a novelty! An internet marketing guru making money editing his old products to relaunch them with his already made list). It could be a good stuff if you have some good money to invest. Unique thing I could say that is little useful, is to know where find affiliates to promote your product. 

Join FB Mastermind Group

Not sure why this should be considered as bonus.

Unlimited $125-$150-$500 Daily

I have to say that there is a good idea here: How you can use better your thank you page giving the gift  and promoting aff products at the same time. I really have to say that it's a good idea, and although you still will need traffic in order to make it work, it's something no anyone do to take advantage of traffic. 

List Building System

It's another David's course, but... (this time It would be more believable to say "This is a proven and easy to use method I have perfected over the years"). I have to say that this is a good one, but it fits better for those who already are on email marketing and have money to spend or those who want to start well. 

It's a list building course wich explains how to set up an squeeze page, traffic sources (both, paid and free), strategies, resources, etc... Lets say that it's a good and complete email marketing course, where anyone who wants to start on this method should start.


Well... if we consider the last two bonus, this course maybe... could... might worth money... But most
important to me, is that they fullfill (at least in part) what they promise... and the main course it's a total rubbish for me. (Right now asking for refund)

If you want a very good course to start making money online, specially if you are a newbie, I reccomend this one

Did you buy this course or another and want to share your experience? Share your comments bellow or send me your own review and let us know your story. 

See you in the next post.

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