3 Step Results Review - One of the worst buy I ever made, Complete Review

3 Step Results Review: Not about free traffic, not fast nor 3 steps.

Product Name: 3 Step Results
Author(s): Tyler Pratt, Dan Ashendorf, David Kirby
Launch Date: 12-09-2016
Bonuses: 37 Free Traffic Sources, 92K Case Study 2016, Join FB Mastermind Group, Unlimited $125-$150-$500 Daily, List Building System
Does it work?: NO
Price: $6 - $10
Worth the price: NO
Sales Page: Don't even bother to see it.
Money Back Guarantee: Yes 
What they promise

"This is a proven and easy to use method I have perfected over the years"
"You Get Everything You Need To Make Money Within 24 Hours Or Less…"
"The 3 simple steps for making money by tomorrow"
"100% Free traffic"

First I have to say about this course is: What the heck? Are they seriously...?

When I entered into the course and saw that it's about free traffic by making FB groups I though "Mmm it sounds very good". I was watching all the videos and expecting for a very good trick to get members on little time (if not hours, some days at least), but when I heard:

"We will using FB Ads..."

No way... I though... Probably it's about advice to target certain people or he will give an alternative way grow group popularity.. But not... 

Just another rubbish course where they just 'teach' you how to build a FB groups and how to target people on FB Ads. Even worst, they suggest you to spend $5 a day on FB Ads to get people on your group. What da....??? How it is supposed you will get popularity by investing $5 a day on PPC?

What you can expect from 3 Step Results?

This course is so useless that I'm not afraid to tell you what is inside. Don't misunderstand me, I really didn't expecting something like make money on first day at all... but, when an info product claims it can teach you how to achieve it, it should give you some good value thing at least (like it happens with this product). But, with this product they basically teach you:

  1. Search for a problem
  2. Create a FB Group
  3. Set a FB Ads Campaign (How cheeky, specially when they claim you can do it "Without having any money in your pocket to do this.")
  4. Promote your offers

What about the bonuses?

Yes, like other MMO products, it includes some bonuses inside. 

37 Free Traffic Sources

It looks like a bad PLR product, and what gives you is what it names indicate: 37 free traffic sources. Yep, no strategies, no suggestions... nothing... Just an intro on every group of sources. Free clasifieds, blogging, bookmarks, video sites... etc... All those stuff we can easily find on Google. 

92K Case Study 2016

Essentially, how David Kirby achive $92k by promoting his own products by recluting affiliates (What a novelty! An internet marketing guru making money editing his old products to relaunch them with his already made list). It could be a good stuff if you have some good money to invest. Unique thing I could say that is little useful, is to know where find affiliates to promote your product. 

Join FB Mastermind Group

Not sure why this should be considered as bonus.

Unlimited $125-$150-$500 Daily

I have to say that there is a good idea here: How you can use better your thank you page giving the gift  and promoting aff products at the same time. I really have to say that it's a good idea, and although you still will need traffic in order to make it work, it's something no anyone do to take advantage of traffic. 

List Building System

It's another David's course, but... (this time It would be more believable to say "This is a proven and easy to use method I have perfected over the years"). I have to say that this is a good one, but it fits better for those who already are on email marketing and have money to spend or those who want to start well. 

It's a list building course wich explains how to set up an squeeze page, traffic sources (both, paid and free), strategies, resources, etc... Lets say that it's a good and complete email marketing course, where anyone who wants to start on this method should start.


Well... if we consider the last two bonus, this course maybe... could... might worth money... But most
important to me, is that they fullfill (at least in part) what they promise... and the main course it's a total rubbish for me. (Right now asking for refund)

If you want a very good course to start making money online, specially if you are a newbie, I reccomend this one

Did you buy this course or another and want to share your experience? Share your comments bellow or send me your own review and let us know your story. 

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Traffic Titan Review - The real truth about Traffic Titan

Hi again and wellcome to my honest Traffic Titan Review. They NO offer something like making $107+ with free traffic, but not all is so bad. Check it out here. 

Traffic Titan is another video course you can buy through Warrior Plus, and they claim that can teach you how to make $107+ on first day with '100% free traffic'. Even they offer a case study were they show you the proof. Although there are a couple of things I must say that it worth the money, there is no way you can achieve this on 24hrs or less, at least with free traffic. Let's get stared.

Product Name: Traffic Titann
Authors: Aidan Corkery & Art Flair
Launch Date: 6-Dec
Bonuses: Cheat Sheets, Bonus Case Study
OTO1 - 4 Real Life Case Studies
OTO2 - DFY Pack + Advanced Training
OTO3 - Coaching Mastermind + Resellers Licence
Price: $7 - $10
Does it work: Yellow Ligth
Worth the price: I must say yes
Sales Page: Click here
Money Back Guarantee: Yes
What they promise:  "How To Make $107+ In Less Than 24 Hours With 100% FREE Traffic & Zero Experience"

I had my email full of messages promoting this product, and it had not happened before, so I though:

"Free traffic, make money on first day, so many marketers promoting this... I has to be something good"

So, I decided to purchase it and see what was this about, I can allways ask for a refund. And again, it is something there is no way to achieve in the first day, at least with free traffic. But I decided not to ask for a refund cuz I found a couple of good things inside. Let's start with the bad.

The bad about Traffic Titan

Ok, firstly I want to say that when you see the sales letter and the product name you probably think about some good free traffic source... a very good free traffic sourse. And yes, the course teach you some good ways to get free traffic, 2 ways on the main course and other ways as bonus. But, no one of these methods can help you to gain that money on that time.

I think, using Reddit in a proper way can help you much faster than the free traffic methods they say. Not saying that the traffic sources are bad, not bad at all... are very good but you'll need time in order to get good traffic.

I must to say as well, that one of this sources let you get traffic thanks to the launching products, (and not, it has not to do with get organic traffic through reviews), but if you do it well and if the product is succesfull you'll be able to gain some good quality traffic. It will require some work on your part.

It is more focused on email marketing rather the traffic itself (something we dont expect when the product name is Traffic Titan), and they show you how to use an irresitible offer in order to get surcribers (nope, Im not being sarcastic, is here where I saw a brilliant idea, more info bellow), and it leads us to one of the bad things: you'll need an email marketing provider, a domain and hosting in order to do this.

But, as I mentioned in other post, there are some ways to do it for free.

The case study 

Yes, they show you the case study where they made the $107... And it's fine. Except for the fact that they used two paid traffic sourses. This by itself devalues the claim that they made $107 with '100% free traffic' on 24hrs. Not to mention it is assumed you have "zero experience".

The good about Traffic Titan

The most good thing I've found on this course, is the strategy to gain suscribers. You will be giving away one certain service in order to get suscribers... it is like they say: an irresitible offer. So, you'll have to do it for every suscriber on your list but dont worry, it's a simple work anyone can do. I personally think is a great way to build your list and more important, build a big list with little traffic.

They give you the tools you need in order to do this work. Honestly, I have not seen something like this before. 

Now, it's important to clear that, with this method, you'll being promoting the offer mainly to website owners on any niche (or people that have interest on have one), and these website owners (or those who want to have one) are mainly interested on making money or get traffic. So, keep this in mind. However, note that we are talking about how to get suscribers to our list, not about the traffic itself. If you learn the other ways to get traffic you will be able to get traffic in any niche.  

They teach you how to set up your squeeze page. Not sure if it's a good thing, cuz they teach you this with a paid service, Optimize Press. Anyway, building your landing page is pretty easy and ther are lots of tutorials on Youtube about this.

They are many extra free courses where you can learn a lot more. Well, they are mostly sponsored links where you have to suscribe in order to get every course or bonus, so don't be afraid to unsuscribe if you decide to get them... is not good for you (nor for the vendors) to be suscribed on so many lists.

I'd like to mention that one of this bonuses it's a report of Tube Enigma (later will be reviewing this product) and found it very very usefull to get traffic, specially on the make money niche.


Ok, after this review we can say:

You will be able to make money on 24 hrs?: No. And it applies if you have a squeeze page and some offers already set up, even if you have some budget. You'll need time to give the free gift each suscriber.

Is it a functional method?: Yes, but it needs some time. Could be some days or a couple of weeks, depending on your time.

Is it worth the price?: Yes, if we consider the bonuses, the traffic sources and specially the lead magnet.

I hope that with this info you can freely decide what to do. If you decided to buy this course you can go to the site, but if you are not prepared to invest or simply have no a budget, I'd recommend you to view the Make 4.97 Over and Over Review, it's a good way to start making money online.

Did you buy this course or another and want to share your experience? Share your comments bellow or send me your own review and let us know your story. 

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Build A Blog In A Day - Complete Review

How to build a highly professional blog in just 24 hrs? Wellcome to my Build A Blog In A Day Review. 

Product name: Build a blog in a day
Authors Name: Próspero Filipe & Lisa Bischofberger
Launch Date: 11-02-2016
Price: $9.90
Bonuses: Live Q&A Coaching Webinar, Private Facebook Mastermind Group
OTOS: There are 3 Sell Your Products Online, Real Blogging Academy, Web Hosting
Official Website: Click here.
Does it work?: Yellow Light (Is not for everyone, see more bellow)
What they promise:

A simple copy and paste sistem to build a highly professional blog in just 24 hrs: Roughly speaking
You can have an Awesome Looking Blog: Professional looking
Attract Followers from Day One: Ok
Get Started in a Day: Ok

Wath is Build A Blog In A Day

If you are a totally newbie building blogs on Wordpress, they teach you all about this:

  • What is wordpress
  • How to choose the right hosting provider (Also they offer their own hosting service, wich is an OTO of the first offer. In adition to hosting service with everything you need, they give you 30 domain names for 9.99 /month. Want to clear that, this is just an option, you can use your own hosting)
  • How to install your Wordpress site manually if your hosting doesn't have an autoinstaller script. 
  • Basics about WP CMS and its text editor
  • Adding necessary plugins
  • How to get some quality traffic as fast as today (I liked this part)
Because the pretty good sales letter I really expected some more like how to add content quickly, some SEO tips, where to get media content, graphics etc... It's basically a detailed Wordpress tutorial with a quick tip for getting traffic. So if you are an experienced marketer there are not too much to learn here, although I learned a new way to get traffic... (testing right now). BUT...

If you are a newbie on this marketing world, I would highly recommend it... Why? 

Well, unlike other vendors on this niche of making money online, it's obvious that the authors are very very very professionals on their topic. You'll see, there are many 'marketing gurus' who are using unethical methods to gain traffic, money... etc... But, it doesn't happen with Próspero & Lisa. 

Thus if you are a newbie, this product is highly recommended cuz it's a great way to start, on an ethical and professional way. So, I'd recommend you to acquire this particular OTO when you purchase this product. 

What you can learn on Real Blogging Academy? They answer:  

Module 1: Prepare for Success – Self Awareness

Module 2: Building Your Blog

Module 3: Creating Amazing Content

Module 4: Make Use of Photos, Videos & Graphics (I liked pretty much this part, they explain you not only how to add videos and images and where to get it, but some other good stuff to rich your posts like audios, infographics, gifs and more)

Module 5: Generate Traffic

Module 6: Social Media Marketing

Module 7: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Module 8: E-Mail Marketing

Module 9: Building Your Audience

Module 10: Monetize Your Blog

Module 11: Your Blogging Business

Module 12: The Blogger Lifestyle

What Build A Blog In A Day With OTOS Is:

... A complete guide, step by step, how to set up a blog and monetize it professionally, and in order to achieve it, it woul take some time. I can say a couple of months if u put some good efford in it. I mean, setting your blog, adding content, getting popular and finally getting sales and money from your blog(s).

The good thing is that you will do it in a proper way... no spamming, no ruinning your reputation or image, etc... And we all know that this is the best way to do the things.

What Build A Blog In A Day IS NOT:

... A quick money scheme. 

So, if you are an experienced marketer and you already know advanced or even some good basics about blogging, SEO, content marketing, email marketing, monetizing your blog, etc... etc... etc... This is not for you.

However, if you are here it's probably because you have not yet succeeded. Well, it this case I have a cheaper way to you succed: focus and be consistent. (For you newbies, this is the most common error we most of marketers make: we learn and dont put in practice, please don't do that). However, if you need some quick money (not to get rich but will help a lot) visit this review

Final Veredict of Build A Blog In A Day: If you are a newbie and want to making money blogging, this is the smartest way to start. If you want to access the course click here

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Profit Instantly Today - A TRULY HONEST Review

Hey guys, I'm here again to give my Profit Instantly Today Review. Before you Buying there are a couple of things you must know. 

Product Name: Profit Instantly Today
Authors: Billy Darr, Justin Opay, Mayank Bhatnagar
Launch Date: 11-20-2016
Does it work?: Yellow Light (See bellow)
Price: $2.95 
Sales Page: Click here.
Money Guarantee: Yes, 30 days. 

What it promises (what we care):

  • You can start making money on the next hours or today (It could be)
  • It's totally newbie friendly

Before starting with this review I'd like to mention that, looking for the products launch date I found some bad reviews about this product on Google. Well, it must be said... I don't want to say you that is a bad produt nor it's the best product, but I have to say that many users do a bad review just because they can attract more traffic to their sites using bad reviews. I will do a detailed post about this as well, it will help you to find only HONEST reviews.

What is Profit Instantly Today 

Profit Instantly today is a video course with 5 modules where they explain you how to set up a capture page (where you send visitors and they can suscribe to your list), where to get traffic and how to offer affiliate products to those visitors, it can be about weight loss, make money products, etc...

1. The welcome (5 min)

As on any make money product, they give and congratulate you for getting the training.

2. Setting Up Free Gift And Squeeze Page (22 min)

Any internet marketer knows that the best way to take advantage of traffic is building a list. On this part they are teaching you how to offer a free gift to your visitors (such as an ebook related to your niche) and how to set up your squeeze/capture page. It must be said that they already include a squeeze page html template that you can use inmediatly and some resourses and ways to get your free gift already.

  • What you should know?

You'll need a web hosting provider in order to do your squeeze page, ideally but not necessarily. You can set up a free blog and make it appear like a very good website, then make your squeeze page with the form html of your Email Marketing Provider (although in this case you can pay about $10 on blogger.com if you want your own .com domain).

In case you decide spending on your own domain for your free blog, it's probably a better option to get a very good hosting offer. There are many hosting providers who offer very good plans of hosting. 1and1.com for example, offers 1 year of unlimited hosting plus your own domain for $12 your first year. Enough time to make your buisnes work.

On the other hand, it needs an Email Marketing provider. This is another paid service, but services like Aweber or Getresponse give you a 30 days trial for $1 or your first month for free. But again there is allways a free alternative, like Mail Chimp. Well, is not totally free but they give a professional free service for your first 2,000 suscribers... More than enought to make your business work.

In summary, it's a 20 min video where they say you how to set up all this, everything is covered. Of course, you are probably making email marketing already. In this case, you can skip this video of course.

3. Setting Up Your Thank You Page, Affiliate Offers And Follow Up Emails (13 min):

The 'thank you page' is the page that your visitors see just after signing up in your squeeze page. Most of marketers put their affiliate link as thank you page (and send the free gift to users email account). But here, they show a little bit different way to do it. I honestly found it a better way to take advantage of the traffic, but who knows. 

Affiliate offers = Products you can earn commissions with.

Follow Up Emails = Messages you will be sending to your suscribers periodically. 

I think this is the main part where you can make money in 24 hrs. You advertise some content (more about this bellow), people sign up, then people see a thank you page where they can look some offers related to the topic.

Anyway, you can continue promoting offers to your suscribers later, which can give you some more commissions.

4. Creating Your Social Network Material And Setting Up Your Tracking Link  (8 Min.)

Here there is not much to mention, and yes, you will be using a social network to get traffic, but not getting followers or ppc promos. It's a bit different than this as you'll see next.

5.- Finding Account Holders And Arranging A Shout Out (6 Min.)

Surprise, you'll have to pay to some popular account holder to publish your material. That's the most important part of this course. 

What I liked of this course

  • This is certainly, a newbie friendly course. They cover many details.
  • The price is very cheap, and out of whether it works or not they give you a very good training that worth the price.

What I didn't like

  • They promise that you can make money today but not mention that you'll need to invest money
  • On the last video, they don't tell you how much you could spend nor how much they spent on some campaign (I think it's in an OTO). 
  • They claim that you can charge the comissions as soon as you generate first sales, but it only applies at two networks (Warrior Plus and JVzoo) under certain conditions, such as you are a trusted affiliate. If you are a totally newbie you wont be able to instant charge your commissions, although if it works for you, I think you won't care about waiting some days to charge your money. 


Most of marketers will tell you that there is no such thing as easy or quick money, but the truth is that you can get it... However, the unique method I know that works as fast as 1 day is paid traffic (unless you take advantage of some sourse of very good free traffic, wich also happens). I once tried to promote a Clickbank Product through Bing Ads with direct link (without squeeze page) and got a good ROI. It needs to mention, it's not the same with all products.

Of course sometimes you could lose your investment, specially if you don't plan well. You will need to get the cheapest price with the major audience, a very atractive message, an high converting product, etc... If you fail on some of those factors, you could lose money. However, this risk is reduced considerably with this training.

So, if you are a totally newbie, it's probably not a good idea to implement this method, but nonetheless the potential is there: advertise your offer to many interested people. If you decide to do this, a very good indicator could be if you get each suscriber for less than $1 or even $0.5, that's mean: if you spent $50 and got at least 100 suscribers and your investment was returned it would be a good deal. 

If you want to try a free method to implement (but with more work) you can try then this product.

Did you buy this course or another and want to share your experience? Share your comments bellow or send me your own review and let us know your story.

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Make $4.97 Over & Over & Over - Exposed Inside And Outside.

Want no surprises? Read this Make $4.97 Over And Over Again Review to do an informated decision.

Product name: Make $4.97 Over And Over Again
Price: $7.5 USD
Autor: Stephen Gilbert & Tom E.
Does it work? Green Light (If you are a native or  a very good english speaker, specially)
Official Site: Click here

This is my first review, and wanted to start with a very good product, and you will see why. On this review you will see only what matters:

- What is Make $4.97 over and over again and its methods (Most ethical info I can give u)
- How long it can take to earn some money
- Does it work?
- Does it need any investment?

What is Make $4.97 Over and Over Again?

This is a video training wich consists of 5 modules explaining 5 ways to make money with as soon as possible. Is not that easy like making your first bucks at the same day BUT you will be able to charge your first comisions in a matter of some days. Let's take a look inside of the course:

Method 1: Selling simple services. 

The first method consists on offering services on sites like Ebay or Amazon. Similar to Fiverr but with some advantages cuz' there are no limitation on the price you want to put for your services. You won't need to have special skills or something, hi explains you how to do the jobs, deliver the orders and where to get buyers.

And don't worry, this is a newbie friendly method. You are covered cuz Tom will show you every thing you need so you will be able to offer this services easily.

Although you will be able to do this jobs in a simple way, you will be able to charge good bucks for those services.

Method 2: Digital Jobs

This is the method I liked the most. Regrettably as you can see I'm not a good english speaker and certainly I'm not living on countries such as USA or Canada, wich are the most likely countries where  people will get hired for this method. Something that caught my attention is that on the site that Tom Recommends pays up to $100 or more for transcribing 1 hour audio.

Method 3: The Sneakiest Ninja

This is a very good method to promote affiliate links. I can't tell you the details but it's a more efficient method than just blogging about one topic and promote the products. It's more like promoting products on the shortiest and efficient way.

Method 4: The Challenge

This another way to make some bucks. On this video Tom provides you some tools and sites wich will help you to find simple jobs like writting articles and how much charge for them. This is one of the simpliest ways on the course to start making money online.

Method 5: The Alert

As its names indicate, this is about Google Alerts and explan you how you can use this tool to generate toons of quality and targeted visitors to almost any niche. Very good if you want to promote your squeeze page, affiliate offers, Youtube videos, etc...

¿Is it worth the money?

Well, as you can see $7.5 it's a very very little investment and in return you will have 5 very very usefull methods to make money with. Of course, it will take some time and efford from your part. You won't need to invest more money cuz the 5 methods don't need it, unless you want to accelerate one of the. Unlike other courses this is one of the few that delivers what promised (However, I gave it 4/5 starz on warrior plus)

Of course, like many of you I bought many other rubbish courses and will post an honest review about they as well, but decided to post this first cuz this is the one of the few good ones.

¿Do you want to give a try to this product? You can do it by clicking here and we all will be happy to hear your experience.

Did you buy this course or another and want to share your experience? Share your comments bellow or send me your own review and let us know your story. 

See you on the next review.