Traffic Titan Review - The real truth about Traffic Titan

Hi again and wellcome to my honest Traffic Titan Review. They NO offer something like making $107+ with free traffic, but not all is so bad. Check it out here. 

Traffic Titan is another video course you can buy through Warrior Plus, and they claim that can teach you how to make $107+ on first day with '100% free traffic'. Even they offer a case study were they show you the proof. Although there are a couple of things I must say that it worth the money, there is no way you can achieve this on 24hrs or less, at least with free traffic. Let's get stared.

Product Name: Traffic Titann
Authors: Aidan Corkery & Art Flair
Launch Date: 6-Dec
Bonuses: Cheat Sheets, Bonus Case Study
OTO1 - 4 Real Life Case Studies
OTO2 - DFY Pack + Advanced Training
OTO3 - Coaching Mastermind + Resellers Licence
Price: $7 - $10
Does it work: Yellow Ligth
Worth the price: I must say yes
Sales Page: Click here
Money Back Guarantee: Yes
What they promise:  "How To Make $107+ In Less Than 24 Hours With 100% FREE Traffic & Zero Experience"

I had my email full of messages promoting this product, and it had not happened before, so I though:

"Free traffic, make money on first day, so many marketers promoting this... I has to be something good"

So, I decided to purchase it and see what was this about, I can allways ask for a refund. And again, it is something there is no way to achieve in the first day, at least with free traffic. But I decided not to ask for a refund cuz I found a couple of good things inside. Let's start with the bad.

The bad about Traffic Titan

Ok, firstly I want to say that when you see the sales letter and the product name you probably think about some good free traffic source... a very good free traffic sourse. And yes, the course teach you some good ways to get free traffic, 2 ways on the main course and other ways as bonus. But, no one of these methods can help you to gain that money on that time.

I think, using Reddit in a proper way can help you much faster than the free traffic methods they say. Not saying that the traffic sources are bad, not bad at all... are very good but you'll need time in order to get good traffic.

I must to say as well, that one of this sources let you get traffic thanks to the launching products, (and not, it has not to do with get organic traffic through reviews), but if you do it well and if the product is succesfull you'll be able to gain some good quality traffic. It will require some work on your part.

It is more focused on email marketing rather the traffic itself (something we dont expect when the product name is Traffic Titan), and they show you how to use an irresitible offer in order to get surcribers (nope, Im not being sarcastic, is here where I saw a brilliant idea, more info bellow), and it leads us to one of the bad things: you'll need an email marketing provider, a domain and hosting in order to do this.

But, as I mentioned in other post, there are some ways to do it for free.

The case study 

Yes, they show you the case study where they made the $107... And it's fine. Except for the fact that they used two paid traffic sourses. This by itself devalues the claim that they made $107 with '100% free traffic' on 24hrs. Not to mention it is assumed you have "zero experience".

The good about Traffic Titan

The most good thing I've found on this course, is the strategy to gain suscribers. You will be giving away one certain service in order to get suscribers... it is like they say: an irresitible offer. So, you'll have to do it for every suscriber on your list but dont worry, it's a simple work anyone can do. I personally think is a great way to build your list and more important, build a big list with little traffic.

They give you the tools you need in order to do this work. Honestly, I have not seen something like this before. 

Now, it's important to clear that, with this method, you'll being promoting the offer mainly to website owners on any niche (or people that have interest on have one), and these website owners (or those who want to have one) are mainly interested on making money or get traffic. So, keep this in mind. However, note that we are talking about how to get suscribers to our list, not about the traffic itself. If you learn the other ways to get traffic you will be able to get traffic in any niche.  

They teach you how to set up your squeeze page. Not sure if it's a good thing, cuz they teach you this with a paid service, Optimize Press. Anyway, building your landing page is pretty easy and ther are lots of tutorials on Youtube about this.

They are many extra free courses where you can learn a lot more. Well, they are mostly sponsored links where you have to suscribe in order to get every course or bonus, so don't be afraid to unsuscribe if you decide to get them... is not good for you (nor for the vendors) to be suscribed on so many lists.

I'd like to mention that one of this bonuses it's a report of Tube Enigma (later will be reviewing this product) and found it very very usefull to get traffic, specially on the make money niche.


Ok, after this review we can say:

You will be able to make money on 24 hrs?: No. And it applies if you have a squeeze page and some offers already set up, even if you have some budget. You'll need time to give the free gift each suscriber.

Is it a functional method?: Yes, but it needs some time. Could be some days or a couple of weeks, depending on your time.

Is it worth the price?: Yes, if we consider the bonuses, the traffic sources and specially the lead magnet.

I hope that with this info you can freely decide what to do. If you decided to buy this course you can go to the site, but if you are not prepared to invest or simply have no a budget, I'd recommend you to view the Make 4.97 Over and Over Review, it's a good way to start making money online.

Did you buy this course or another and want to share your experience? Share your comments bellow or send me your own review and let us know your story. 

See you in the next post.

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