Build A Blog In A Day - Complete Review

How to build a highly professional blog in just 24 hrs? Wellcome to my Build A Blog In A Day Review. 

Product name: Build a blog in a day
Authors Name: Próspero Filipe & Lisa Bischofberger
Launch Date: 11-02-2016
Price: $9.90
Bonuses: Live Q&A Coaching Webinar, Private Facebook Mastermind Group
OTOS: There are 3 Sell Your Products Online, Real Blogging Academy, Web Hosting
Official Website: Click here.
Does it work?: Yellow Light (Is not for everyone, see more bellow)
What they promise:

A simple copy and paste sistem to build a highly professional blog in just 24 hrs: Roughly speaking
You can have an Awesome Looking Blog: Professional looking
Attract Followers from Day One: Ok
Get Started in a Day: Ok

Wath is Build A Blog In A Day

If you are a totally newbie building blogs on Wordpress, they teach you all about this:

  • What is wordpress
  • How to choose the right hosting provider (Also they offer their own hosting service, wich is an OTO of the first offer. In adition to hosting service with everything you need, they give you 30 domain names for 9.99 /month. Want to clear that, this is just an option, you can use your own hosting)
  • How to install your Wordpress site manually if your hosting doesn't have an autoinstaller script. 
  • Basics about WP CMS and its text editor
  • Adding necessary plugins
  • How to get some quality traffic as fast as today (I liked this part)
Because the pretty good sales letter I really expected some more like how to add content quickly, some SEO tips, where to get media content, graphics etc... It's basically a detailed Wordpress tutorial with a quick tip for getting traffic. So if you are an experienced marketer there are not too much to learn here, although I learned a new way to get traffic... (testing right now). BUT...

If you are a newbie on this marketing world, I would highly recommend it... Why? 

Well, unlike other vendors on this niche of making money online, it's obvious that the authors are very very very professionals on their topic. You'll see, there are many 'marketing gurus' who are using unethical methods to gain traffic, money... etc... But, it doesn't happen with Próspero & Lisa. 

Thus if you are a newbie, this product is highly recommended cuz it's a great way to start, on an ethical and professional way. So, I'd recommend you to acquire this particular OTO when you purchase this product. 

What you can learn on Real Blogging Academy? They answer:  

Module 1: Prepare for Success – Self Awareness

Module 2: Building Your Blog

Module 3: Creating Amazing Content

Module 4: Make Use of Photos, Videos & Graphics (I liked pretty much this part, they explain you not only how to add videos and images and where to get it, but some other good stuff to rich your posts like audios, infographics, gifs and more)

Module 5: Generate Traffic

Module 6: Social Media Marketing

Module 7: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Module 8: E-Mail Marketing

Module 9: Building Your Audience

Module 10: Monetize Your Blog

Module 11: Your Blogging Business

Module 12: The Blogger Lifestyle

What Build A Blog In A Day With OTOS Is:

... A complete guide, step by step, how to set up a blog and monetize it professionally, and in order to achieve it, it woul take some time. I can say a couple of months if u put some good efford in it. I mean, setting your blog, adding content, getting popular and finally getting sales and money from your blog(s).

The good thing is that you will do it in a proper way... no spamming, no ruinning your reputation or image, etc... And we all know that this is the best way to do the things.

What Build A Blog In A Day IS NOT:

... A quick money scheme. 

So, if you are an experienced marketer and you already know advanced or even some good basics about blogging, SEO, content marketing, email marketing, monetizing your blog, etc... etc... etc... This is not for you.

However, if you are here it's probably because you have not yet succeeded. Well, it this case I have a cheaper way to you succed: focus and be consistent. (For you newbies, this is the most common error we most of marketers make: we learn and dont put in practice, please don't do that). However, if you need some quick money (not to get rich but will help a lot) visit this review

Final Veredict of Build A Blog In A Day: If you are a newbie and want to making money blogging, this is the smartest way to start. If you want to access the course click here

Did you buy this course or another and want to share your experience? Share your comments bellow or send me your own review and let us know your story.

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