Profit Instantly Today - A TRULY HONEST Review

Hey guys, I'm here again to give my Profit Instantly Today Review. Before you Buying there are a couple of things you must know. 

Product Name: Profit Instantly Today
Authors: Billy Darr, Justin Opay, Mayank Bhatnagar
Launch Date: 11-20-2016
Does it work?: Yellow Light (See bellow)
Price: $2.95 
Sales Page: Click here.
Money Guarantee: Yes, 30 days. 

What it promises (what we care):

  • You can start making money on the next hours or today (It could be)
  • It's totally newbie friendly

Before starting with this review I'd like to mention that, looking for the products launch date I found some bad reviews about this product on Google. Well, it must be said... I don't want to say you that is a bad produt nor it's the best product, but I have to say that many users do a bad review just because they can attract more traffic to their sites using bad reviews. I will do a detailed post about this as well, it will help you to find only HONEST reviews.

What is Profit Instantly Today 

Profit Instantly today is a video course with 5 modules where they explain you how to set up a capture page (where you send visitors and they can suscribe to your list), where to get traffic and how to offer affiliate products to those visitors, it can be about weight loss, make money products, etc...

1. The welcome (5 min)

As on any make money product, they give and congratulate you for getting the training.

2. Setting Up Free Gift And Squeeze Page (22 min)

Any internet marketer knows that the best way to take advantage of traffic is building a list. On this part they are teaching you how to offer a free gift to your visitors (such as an ebook related to your niche) and how to set up your squeeze/capture page. It must be said that they already include a squeeze page html template that you can use inmediatly and some resourses and ways to get your free gift already.

  • What you should know?

You'll need a web hosting provider in order to do your squeeze page, ideally but not necessarily. You can set up a free blog and make it appear like a very good website, then make your squeeze page with the form html of your Email Marketing Provider (although in this case you can pay about $10 on if you want your own .com domain).

In case you decide spending on your own domain for your free blog, it's probably a better option to get a very good hosting offer. There are many hosting providers who offer very good plans of hosting. for example, offers 1 year of unlimited hosting plus your own domain for $12 your first year. Enough time to make your buisnes work.

On the other hand, it needs an Email Marketing provider. This is another paid service, but services like Aweber or Getresponse give you a 30 days trial for $1 or your first month for free. But again there is allways a free alternative, like Mail Chimp. Well, is not totally free but they give a professional free service for your first 2,000 suscribers... More than enought to make your business work.

In summary, it's a 20 min video where they say you how to set up all this, everything is covered. Of course, you are probably making email marketing already. In this case, you can skip this video of course.

3. Setting Up Your Thank You Page, Affiliate Offers And Follow Up Emails (13 min):

The 'thank you page' is the page that your visitors see just after signing up in your squeeze page. Most of marketers put their affiliate link as thank you page (and send the free gift to users email account). But here, they show a little bit different way to do it. I honestly found it a better way to take advantage of the traffic, but who knows. 

Affiliate offers = Products you can earn commissions with.

Follow Up Emails = Messages you will be sending to your suscribers periodically. 

I think this is the main part where you can make money in 24 hrs. You advertise some content (more about this bellow), people sign up, then people see a thank you page where they can look some offers related to the topic.

Anyway, you can continue promoting offers to your suscribers later, which can give you some more commissions.

4. Creating Your Social Network Material And Setting Up Your Tracking Link  (8 Min.)

Here there is not much to mention, and yes, you will be using a social network to get traffic, but not getting followers or ppc promos. It's a bit different than this as you'll see next.

5.- Finding Account Holders And Arranging A Shout Out (6 Min.)

Surprise, you'll have to pay to some popular account holder to publish your material. That's the most important part of this course. 

What I liked of this course

  • This is certainly, a newbie friendly course. They cover many details.
  • The price is very cheap, and out of whether it works or not they give you a very good training that worth the price.

What I didn't like

  • They promise that you can make money today but not mention that you'll need to invest money
  • On the last video, they don't tell you how much you could spend nor how much they spent on some campaign (I think it's in an OTO). 
  • They claim that you can charge the comissions as soon as you generate first sales, but it only applies at two networks (Warrior Plus and JVzoo) under certain conditions, such as you are a trusted affiliate. If you are a totally newbie you wont be able to instant charge your commissions, although if it works for you, I think you won't care about waiting some days to charge your money. 


Most of marketers will tell you that there is no such thing as easy or quick money, but the truth is that you can get it... However, the unique method I know that works as fast as 1 day is paid traffic (unless you take advantage of some sourse of very good free traffic, wich also happens). I once tried to promote a Clickbank Product through Bing Ads with direct link (without squeeze page) and got a good ROI. It needs to mention, it's not the same with all products.

Of course sometimes you could lose your investment, specially if you don't plan well. You will need to get the cheapest price with the major audience, a very atractive message, an high converting product, etc... If you fail on some of those factors, you could lose money. However, this risk is reduced considerably with this training.

So, if you are a totally newbie, it's probably not a good idea to implement this method, but nonetheless the potential is there: advertise your offer to many interested people. If you decide to do this, a very good indicator could be if you get each suscriber for less than $1 or even $0.5, that's mean: if you spent $50 and got at least 100 suscribers and your investment was returned it would be a good deal. 

If you want to try a free method to implement (but with more work) you can try then this product.

Did you buy this course or another and want to share your experience? Share your comments bellow or send me your own review and let us know your story.

See you on the next post.  

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